Custom Framing

Our designers can help you design the perfect framing.

Our designers can help you design the perfect framing.


Custom Framing is one of the few industries where everything is made especially for you.  The customer enters our shop with the item to be framed and our designers meet you at the design table to help guide you in the process.  We may ask if you have any ideas for the design yourself.  What is the impression you would like your art to make?  Casual, formal, whimsical?  What colors do you need to compliment in the room?  With all this information, our designers can use their knowledge of our extensive collection of mat samples, frame corners, fillets, fabric swatches and glass choices to create a design to create your vision.  There are multiple outcomes in this process.  If our first result does not fit your budget, be sure to tell the designer.  Minor design changes may make the price fit your idea of the value of your piece.


After an order has been placed, fabrication starts in our back room.  Rest assured, your art never leaves the shop.  Our computerized mat cutter is the latest technology to cut precise mats with endless design options.  Frames are built, glass is cut and your project is not done yet!  Our front room assemblers are thoroughly trained in the huge variety of mounting techniques to finish the project and ensure the quality is up to our standards.