Digital Photo Restoration

New technology has made it easy to save damaged photos that may have been unsalvageable in the past. Water damaged, faded, or ripped photos can be scanned and digitally repaired and reprinted.  Even photos ripped into many pieces or missing pieces can be fixed.  The original photo does not leave the store.  It is scanned and is digitally altered.

Digital Art

Take an ordinary image and make it artsy!  There are lots of different treatments to choose from:  Pop Art, Cartoon, Pastel, Watercolor...


We would like to help you if you find you require services related to the art world.  Appraisals, conservation, and restoration, take special skills and schooling we will not profess to have here at the shop. We work with well qualified professionals in the Pittsburgh area to help.  

Are you unsure if a recently inherited piece of art is valuable?  Make a score at a flea market?  Or ready to sell your collection?  You may need an appraiser.

Do you have a special heirloom that has suffered neglect?  Or a recent piece that may have had an accident? Paper, oil, or object, you will want a conservator.

Were you lucky enough to come across a real gilded frame showing its age?  A frame restorer has an extensive knowledge in the ancient art of gilding to return it to its original luster.